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Office life

The office is so cold. I might die here. I have multiple blankets, and yet it doesn't seem enough. Thankfully its a Wednesday. And this Friday is payday. But as we all know all the money goes to bills,  bills and bills. The only thing I am looking forward to is picking season 2 of Inuyasha on bluray.... I will own all of this amazing anime,  and I will rewatch all of it.  I love this surge of merch for old 90s and early 2000s anime and games. Takes me back. Now if only we can get some of the more niesh fandoms from that era to make a comeback... Escaflowne anyone? The series... The movie was shit.  Those were interesting days to be sure.  I remember back then I had a lot more to blog about. Life was much more full of drama. Now the only drama I suffer from is when my cat meows all dramatically to get cuddles. 


So... I've literally been painting my house purple. And blue. Got some 90s flair going on. And as you can see I'm a avoid collector of sorts. Plus I love nik naks. I'm a sucker for maximalisim. Even my kitchen here got a redo..... The bedrooms are themed... Well the kids isn't,  but mine is. No pictures yet. Not quite done..... Ours will be Fallout themed. The bathroom is Sephiroth colors and overall theme. It's looking cool but still got a lot of work to do.

Wankery Indeed

I will be brutaly honest. I don't plan on updating this blog often enough for it to mean anything of importance. Technically keeping this as a tradition that tags along with my website. So mostly artistic updates about myself and the website will go here..... It's been a long time since I blogged anything. I used to blog all the time, daily even. Now with a tween child, a needy cat, and a talktative hubby.... it seeems I never have enough time for anything. But I supose this is the beggining of something.... I may post art related things here, and perhaps throw in some photograhy here and there. Not sure yet. I guess this will be more or less related to the artist instead of the art. (also yours truly... obviously) Wankery indeed.